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Healing Sounds by White Sun, Song Ik Ardas Wahe Guru.

The studies done on Wim Hoff and his students show that we can gain complete control over the autonomic nervous system and immune system in the hormonal system. The results are all in the research and you can also view them on this VICE documentary.


  • Brings blood to the capillaries

  • Cleans the circulatory system

  • Reduces blood pressure on internal organs, flushes internal organs & gives them a new supply of blood

  • Strengthens the parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous systems

  • Contracts the muscles & causes them to eliminate toxins more readily

  • Brings the power of resistance & resilience to the body

  • Strengthens the mucous membranes

  • Keeps the skin young & shining

  • Prevents the body from developing an extra layer of fat which negatively affects liver function

  • Balances galdular system

  • Circulation & nerve problems can be prevented with regular cold showers

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Since ancient times, people have prayed for the blessing of Ishnaan. What is ishnaan?


Ishnaan is the total sum of hydrotherapy. The word is ishnaan. We don't say we'll take a bath; we never say "bath." Ishnaan is when the body by its own virtue creates the temperature that it can beat off the coldness of the water. Ishnaan is not just wetting your body. There is a whole respect to it. There is a whole grace to it. - Yogi Bhajan

The power of water is sixty percent of the power of the human. In hydrotherapy we believe that the sixty percent water in the body can be totally exchanged in sixty minutes with outside water.


We do ice cold water massage and not only do we open up the capillaries, but then, when they close down again, that is, return to normal, that blood goes back to the organs.

The heart, kidneys, lungs, liver - each organ has its own blood supply. In this way, the organs get their flushing.


When the organs get a flushing, then immediately the glands have to change their secretion. It is a law. And when the glands change, the guardians of the health and life change, youth returns.


Dr. Har Hari’s personal story with WIM Hof Method & the power of Ishnan or Coldwater therapy.

My hip was injured about 4 years ago when I fell off a bike and landed on my hip. I believe I fractured it but never had it set or had any medical procedures done. The pain continued after the accident solid for three and a half years. It got to the point where I wanted to have surgery and replace the hip. I was in constant chronic pain needing to be on Western opioid medicine to deal with the pain.


It was around that time that I started studying the WIM Hof Method and learning about the power of healing your body with cold water. Even though I'd known about Ishnan for over 30 years, because I was a student of Yogi Bhajan, no one had ever taught me about how to do an ice bath to heal. We only learned about cold showers. So I started to do the method in January. For 2 years and it took about 3 months and my hip completely regenerated. In fact I could feel the day that it totally healed and since that day, my hip has been completely better and has had no pain.

I continued with the method every day for the last 2 years. Now my vascularity circulation reports shows that I'm basically a 25 year old and that's how I feel at 58 years old. This method is the most powerful anti-aging age reversal and also injury repair chronic pain relief method known on the planet.