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How Does the Sigma Work?

The way this amazing device works is that it measures the muscle and joint tension of the neck and back. You do not have to disrobe when receiving the analysis or spinal adjustment, as it will perform both the analysis and treatment over a single layer of clothing.

After measuring the muscle and joint tension of the spine it will display a graph on a computer, showing where the problem areas are. Once it has been determined that you are a candidate for these types of treatments, the Pro-Adjuster can safely and gently reduce the muscle and joint tension of the neck and back.


So it will relax the surrounding muscles, increase the movement of the joint, and reduce any irritation of the surrounding spinal nerves, which in turn will help to reduce or eliminate the pain.


The reason why many people prefer this type of spinal adjustment is because they are extremely gentle and relaxing.


As a result, this type of chiropractic care is a viable alternative to those who don’t want to receive a “hands-on”‘ adjustment.