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The mission of the practitioners at Transformational Healing Universe is to empower clients to heal themselves and be free of the dependence on unnecessary medications and invasive surgeries. At the practice in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Har Hari Khalsa, DC, offers a variety of holistic healing modalities to treat existing health conditions and promote total overall wellness in both humans and their beloved furry companions.

The Transformational Healing Universe team is highly skilled in the latest diagnostic technologies, like CyberScan, to better understand imbalances in the body that contribute to chronic disease and premature aging. They combine ancient arts, like Reiki, meditation, and Kundalini yoga with traditional chiropractic care to boost wellness and ease symptoms related to underlying medical conditions.

For chiropractic adjustments, the Transformational Healing Universe staff uses the Sigma instrument Method™ to identify misalignments in the spine and gently restore spinal health. They also offer other healing services, including pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and frequency specific microcurrent treatments. The team uses BioCharger™ revitalization technology to optimize health and athletic ability.

Healing services for pets incorporate advanced technologies, like Epoch Laser® (formerly K-Laser) Therapy and CyberScan, that meet veterinary standards for treating pain and imbalances in the body. The Transformational Healing Universe team also offers Reiki healing sessions and ozone therapy to enhance an animal’s natural healing abilities and improve overall health and wellness.

If you’re looking for holistic care for existing health issues or want to reduce your dependence on medications, call Transformational Healing Universe today. 

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  • Success Stories


    A four-month-old child had a severe skin condition, resulting in open wounds, inflamed, itching skin. After many months of unsuccessful conventional treatments, even nights in hospital.

    With just 7 weeks of Cyberscan treatment, the child's skin was completely clear.


  • Success Stories


    One year ago a woman aged about 36 years came to our clinic. She could barely walk and barely see. She was unable to perform daily tasks, had lost her driver’s license, and needed much care at home. She could no longer care for her children.

    She was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma which was not treatable by conventional methods. She was on drugs for pain and other symptoms, and her body was failing.

    She was receiving CT scans to follow the progress of the disease, but there was no treatment for the tumor. Given her condition, the only treatment, at that time that we felt comfortable offering to her was the Cyberscan.



    We began to scan and treat her weekly and continued this until present day.

    She felt some relief with the very first treatment, and slowly, week by week, she improved. The next CT scan showed no progress of the tumor. Then the next showed a 20% reduction in tumor size! This was about 8 months after beginning treatment.

    As this was occurring, her symptoms continued to reduce. About 3 months ago she had improved to the extent that her driver’s license was restored and she now has her children back. She is now nearly back to normal and we are all very excited to continue supporting her journey.

  • Success Stories


    After an MRI of the brain and cerebrospinal fluid puncture, four female patients; 22, 26, 38 and 43 years of age were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

    After eight sessions, and in two cases after 10 CyberScan-sessions, the symptoms of deficiency disappeared.

    And in one patient, the dark regions in the brain had completely disappeared and reduced by 50% in the case of the other three patients.

    The four patients did not undergo any other treatment except for CyberScan.

  • Success Stories


    A 32 year old, radio and TV technician came in, after he had been suffering with Epilepsy since he was 16 years old. He would average two massive attacks per week.

    The CyberScan-treatment began in November of 2009 with two-week treatment cycles and three-week cycles since March this year.

    The patient has decided to continue with on-going maintenance treatment, as he has not had an epileptic attack since 26th February 2010!

  • Success Stories


    • A 64-year-old, Electrical engineer had severe Irritable colon with 10-12 defecations per day. Extensive detoxification and mycosis treatment with CyberScan relieved the patient of his problem after just five sessions.
    • An 8-year-old child was diagnosed with ADHD-Syndrome, a disorder of the fine motor skills. Miraculously after just the third CyberScan-treatment, the young girl's mother reported that she became calmer, way less aggressive, is not afraid to go to school and has begun to be commended by her teachers.

    Success Stories


    • A 31-year-old, sales associate was struggling with allergies; from pollen to various foods. This was also connected to repeat fungal infections. ​After the sixth Cyberscan session, the patient could ingest almost all the previously banned foods.
    • A 37-year-old woman came to visit us with symptoms of unknown dizziness that she had been living with for several years. Just after two CyberScan sessions, her vertigo attacks and their intensity reduced dramatically. Since her sixth treatment, she has yet to have any more challenges with Vertigo symptoms.
  • Success Stories


    "This template CyberScan card is awesome. Life is more than tolerable and livable. It's actually enjoyable. I felt the medicine working instantly when you handed it to me.

    Before I was ar 9 or 10 level pain just by being still and off the charts if I moved.

    I'm still not carrying/lifting/pushing things like a purse, looking down or reading/texting (unless I lay down).

    Noise from the world doesn't make me go off the edge of disturbing pain today. someone tapped my shoulder last night, it only hurt in the moment and I didn't go into turmoil and agony for hours. Less pain when eating today.

    Thank you for this brilliant idea of treatment."



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