About Transformational Healing Universe

About Transformational Healing Universe

The mission of the practitioners at Transformational Healing Universe is to empower clients to heal themselves and be free of the dependence on unnecessary medications and invasive surgeries. At the practice in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Har Hari Khalsa, DC, offers a variety of holistic healing modalities to treat existing health conditions and promote total overall wellness in both humans and their beloved furry companions.

The Transformational Healing Universe team is highly skilled in the latest diagnostic technologies, like CyberScan, to better understand imbalances in the body that contribute to chronic disease and premature aging. They combine ancient arts, like Reiki, meditation, and Kundalini yoga with traditional chiropractic care to boost wellness and ease symptoms related to underlying medical conditions.

For chiropractic adjustments, the Transformational Healing Universe staff uses the Sigma instrument Method™ to identify misalignments in the spine and gently restore spinal health. They also offer other healing services, including pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and frequency specific microcurrent treatments. The team uses BioCharger™ revitalization technology to optimize health and athletic ability.

Healing services for pets incorporate advanced technologies, like Epoch Laser® (formerly K-Laser) Therapy and CyberScan, that meet veterinary standards for treating pain and imbalances in the body. The Transformational Healing Universe team also offers Reiki healing sessions and ozone therapy to enhance an animal’s natural healing abilities and improve overall health and wellness.

If you’re looking for holistic care for existing health issues or want to reduce your dependence on medications, call Transformational Healing Universe today. 

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