Urban Healing Retreats


Transformation Healing Universe URBAN RETREATS:

Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Technology.


Come join us for a Healing Transformation of a lifetime. We have compiled the most comprehensive healing modalities from the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan in combination with Modern-day's advanced healing technologies to create the Ultimate Healing experience. 

This retreat is designed to fully upgrade you on All Levels, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. You will leave with a completely renewed self and the tools to continue on with a lifetime of lasting healing.








Each Retreat Includes...

  • Kundalini yoga for self-healing
  • Yogic diet with traditional foods that have been used to heal on the deepest level for millenium ( also cooking classes )
  • Ishnan cold water therapy ( considered the most powerful form of healing on the planet by a 1000x
  • Daily Wim Hof method practice to create health, happiness and overall strength.
  • Advanced Bio-energetic healing using the world’s most powerful tools to analyze & correct energy imbalances, also replenish the subtle energetics on a cellular level. 




We Aim to Give You the Most Transformational Healing Experience possible.
A peek at what a day in our Urban Retreats looks like!


Powerful Kundalini Yoga set

Wim Hof breathing session & cold dip in an ice bath

reheating exercises


Healthy, warm yogic meal of healing mung beans, rice & Yogi Tea.

The afternoon will consist of therapies at the THU Clinic:

- Cyber-scan reading & frequency remedy

- Biocharger

- Sigma instrument reading & spinal adjustment

- Migun jade: infra-red shiatsu therapy

- Ozone therapy

- Restorative PEMF session

- Narayan oil ice massage therapy

- Sun session for increased Vit. D + Mitochondria function


We will finish our day with another Wim Hof breath session, Ice dip & reheating yoga session.



Yummy Yogi meal of Mung beans & rice with fresh veggies, salad and Yogi Tea.


We will finish our day with a gong bath and/or evening fire ceremony/meditation.




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