How the Right Light Can Tighten Your Skin

Time isn’t kind to your body, and that includes your largest organ: your skin. As you get older, the network of collagen that used to keep your skin tight starts to break down. This can leave you with wrinkles on your face and sagging skin on your body.

Ultimately, skin that can benefit from tightening might be keeping you from feeling your best. To help you regain your confidence and more youthful skin, Har Hari Khalsa, DC, offers UltraSlim® treatment at Transformational Healing Universe in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles.

This therapy can minimize unwanted fat and create a tightening effect in your skin, all with a light-based, no-downtime treatment.

What UltraSlim does for your skin

While many people choose UltraSlim as a way to get rid of excess fat, this is only one of its benefits.

As it works, the light energy that UltraSlim delivers also goes to work on your skin. Specifically, it triggers the production of new collagen and elastin. This gives you a way to directly combat your body’s natural collagen decline, which occurs gradually over time and contributes to wrinkling and sagging. By stimulating collagen and elastin production, UltraSlim helps to tighten your skin and restore its youthful appearance.

What’s particularly exciting is that UltraSlim can work for both your face and your body. That means it can tighten the skin on your face and anywhere else you might need it. 

What to expect with UltraSlim treatments

The UltraSlim system is FDA approved and is designed to be completely comfortable. Since light energy is what triggers the skin tightening and shrinking of fat cells, all you need to do is relax while Dr. Khalsa directs the UltraSlim light. The most you should feel is a little bit of warmth while the light goes to work.

Most treatments take about 30 minutes, and you can read or listen to music during your session. Many people see their best skin tightening results with multiple treatments, but Dr. Khalsa can create a customized plan for you based on your cosmetic goals.

After your session, you can go right back to your normal routine. With UltraSlim, no downtime or recovery time is needed.

Are you interested in this safe, convenient way to get tighter, younger-looking skin? To learn more about UltraSlim and to see if it can help you, call 310-854-9958 or book an appointment online with Transformational Healing Universe today.

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