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Cold water massages are available at Transformational Healing Universe in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. This therapy follows the Wim Hof method of holistic healing, boosting your body’s own ability to repair and rejuvenate itself under the right conditions. Find out if the Wim Hof method is the holistic treatment strategy for you to fight inflammation, pain, and other symptoms of acute and chronic disease. You can contact Har Hari Khalsa, DC, at Transformational Healing Universe today by calling the office.

Wim Hof Method Q & A


What is the Wim Hof method?

Modern-day living has influenced our perception of nature, and many have forgotten about their body’s own inner power and ability to adapt to changing environments, including extreme temperatures.

Our bodies are no longer stimulated to control our body temperature as people did in the past, because we wear clothing and are able to easily manipulate the temperature of our homes with the touch of a finger. These conveniences have resulted in our losing touch with inner, natural abilities.

The Wim Hof method focuses on reawakening your natural physiological processes to boost your overall health, your strength, and your inner power. 

What’s involved in the Wim Hof method?

There are three powerful pillars the Wim Hof method focus on to revitalize your health. These include:

Cold therapy

Regulated exposure to the cold stimulates a number of health benefits, prompting the loss of fatty tissue, reducing inflammation, and increasing the health and function of your immune system.

Cold therapy also triggers the production of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that give you an improved sense of well-being and boosts your mood.

The team at Transformational Healing Universe exposes your body to cold therapy through cold water massages. The training and ice bath center is conveniently located across the street from Transformational Healing Universe.


Breathing is a vital part of life. The Wim Hof method focuses on increasing your awareness of breathing and increasing oxygen levels in your body to increase energy, reduce stress, and heighten immune system function.


Commitment to recommended cold exposure and conscious breathing techniques are paramount to fully mastering the Wim Hof method.

What are the benefits of the Wim Hof method?

Cold water massages open the capillaries that carry blood throughout your body. When these vessels close again, blood goes back to your heart, lungs, and other organs and flush out each system. 

This also triggers changes in your glands that produce hormones and other secretions, which are the springboard to long-term changes in your health and return of your youthful health and appearance.

By incorporating all three pillars of the Wim Hoff method, you can reap many immediate and long-term health benefits to live a better life. In addition to the benefits of cold therapy and conscious breathing, combining the pillars can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Heighten focus and mental clarity

The Wim Hof method also helps you build a greater tolerance to cold and strengthens your immune system to fight off acute and chronic disease down the line.

To find out more about the Wim Hof method, call the office to schedule a consultation at Transformational Healing Universe today.